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Marley Porter (LinkedIn)

Arizona State University

After graduating from Arizona State University with top honors Mr. Porter taught design for 12 years at the same institution while building up his architectural practice. From the beginning in 1979 his designs have inspired and warmed the hearts of all who live and work in his architecture.

As Tribal Architect to the Navajo Nation, Mr. Porter first encountered the altered state of ego-less design … that is design that is not for the architect but for and from the Creator, an integral part of the land, the indigenous materials, the eco-system, the client’s heart, and the insubstantial reality of money.

Whether designing and building with living straw bale (some 29 projects around the country) or with RASTRA (super insulated recycled polystyrene and cement jumbo blocks) or adobe, rammed earth, cobb or conventional construction, Living Architecture pushes the envelop of architecture plum full of art common sense and meaning. This is Living Architecture.


Bob Eveleth (LinkedIn)

The University of Texas

Bob is a 25 plus year entrepreneur with experience in retail, rent-to-own, Internet businesses, and real estate investment & management.

In the late 80s Bob became the first and largest Glamour Shots franchisee (www.GlamourShots.com) with ownership of 45 retail (mall based) studios. While with the Glamour Shots franchise system, served on many steering committees, including the Glamour Shots Operations Council, the Glamour Shots Marketing Advisory Council, and head of the Direct Marketing Committee. Recognized nationally as one of the “Founding Fathers” of Glamour Shots, and won numerous awards including “Contributor of the Year”, “Best New Idea of the Year”, and in 1995 was named Glamour Shots “Licensee of the Year”.

In the mid 90s, founded the family studio chain, Studio One to One Photography, followed by Meri Yaadein family portrait studios in India. (Currently a dozen locations in various cities). www.MeriYaadein.com

About a dozen years ago Bob worked with Marley to create Living Waters on Lake Travis, a retreat business on Lake Travis. Living Waters has grown from a one-bedroom home into a multi-unit private lakeside retreat catering to couples (weekend getaways), weddings, family reunions, yoga and other retreats. www.LivingWatersOnLakeTravis.com